The perfect design for high current busbar systems is the compact structure where tin plated, insulated conductors are tightly placed into the sheet metal housing. The compact structure is reliable, robust and functional.

  • Epoxy coated aluminium or copper conductors are tin plated and insulated
  • with B class polyester film
  • Fire resistance as per IEC 60331
  • Epoxy polyester, RAL 7038, painted extruded aluminium housing
  • 4, 41⁄2, 5 or 6 conductors
  • IP 55 / IP 65/ IP 67
  • Ready-made standard components
  • Ability to supply energy either from the joints or from the tap-off points
  • (bolt-on or plug-in)
  • High electrical and mechanical endurance
  • Fast, easy and reliable installation by one bolt joint construction
  • Low voltage drop
  • Lower total installation cost
  • Compact structure
  • Silver plating and F/H class polyester film are available