• BIM Services (Building Information Modelling)
  • Clash Report and Clash Resolution
  • Video Animation Services
  • VR Games for Safety Training
  • AR (Augmented Reality) to Assist in Construction Monitoring & Checking
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Facilities Management

Manly-Tech Integrated System (MTIS)

Provides Overview of the entire health of the project. Data collected from every module and shown dynamic graph and charts.

Issue Manager
Manage Design and Construction Issues systematically and efficiently. All issues are log in a register and categorized according to its impact to the project, urgency, owners as such.

Organized incoming and outgoing information smartly. Record all history of information that affect the maturity of the Model and drawings that can be easily retrieve and generate report.

Asset-FM Manager
Progressively generate asset registers with confirmed and clean data. A systematic approach for gathering data of as-built data for FM system integration

Project Management Services & Design and Prefab of MiMEP

  • Project Management Services for Tender preparation (MEP)
  • Design and Prefab of MEP Modules (MiMEP)

Digital Marketing Strategy

  • Assist Small Medium Enterprise (SME) with Digital Marketing Strategy and Implementation in Omni-Channel Environments with Cloud Based Content Strategy
  • Apps Development
  • Online Marketing