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Caleffi, a leading Italian manufacturer of components for heating, air conditioning, plumbing and renewable energy systems, for civil and industrial usage, and supplier of state-of-the-art installations in the heat metering field.

In central systems that produce hot water with storage for domestic purposes, in order to prevent the proliferation of dangerous Legionella bacteria in the entire distribution network, as a matter of course, it demands thermal disinfection at regular intervals in order to prevent the development of the bacteria quickly in there.

We presents a particular series of Electronic Mixing Valves with programmable thermal disinfection 6000 series, which is equipped with a specific regulator that controls a set of programs for circuit thermal disinfection against Legionella. The 6000 series Electronic Mixing valves, a cutting-edge valve is typically used in central systems serving hospitals, nursing homes, sports centres, shopping centres, hotels, campsites and boarding schools. In these structures with their collective use, it is more than ever necessary to control and prevent legionnaire’s disease in a programmed manner, managing the disinfection times in the best possible way.


  • Checking the thermal disinfection temperature and time are actually reached and providing useful data to monitoring system.
  • Program thermal disinfection with a higher temperature than the regulation value, within the necessary time and during periods with less frequent consumption (night-time). It also depends on the type of system and habits of the user, possible to program temperature levels and operation times in the most appropriate manner.
  • Keep the mixed water temperature constant despite any variation in inlet temperature and pressure, or in the drawn-off flow rate.
  • Reduce the temperature of the distributed water to an adjustable value which is lower than the storage temperature.
  • It is fitted for a monitoring and remote control connection.
  • All the parameters can be updated every day and logged, with temperatures recorded every hour.
  • Achieves energy savings for the thermal network.